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It’s time to start living in the now! Living in the now means putting yourself out there and taking that first step. You know that you’re the sort of person that could happily meet for no strings sex, Tinder is full of time wasters and you need someone on your level. What you need is someone else who lives in the now, someone who would love nothing more than to meet, hookup, shake hands and walk away. Two like minds who understand unadulterated carnal desire.

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Flirt with Singles and Married Women.

This is where all other dating sites fall down, there’s too much much chat and not enough action, you’re left with waiting around for shy and coy messages from someone you can’t even guarantee wants nothing more than to get naked and get to it.Well we don’t operate like that, we want to give you exactly what you desire and that’s what sets us aside from all of those other sites that leave you failing to get off.

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Rampant Dating cares about your satisfaction. You’ll be so fullfilled after meeting the guys and girls we have on our site that it will be the only place you come for casual hook ups. Better still we’re going to hook you up with like-minded filthy contacts in your local area so there will be no waiting around once you’ve made that connection. Now then, who here is dtf?